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Gartenart | What happens in the winter?
Gartenart | What happens in the winter?
Gartenart | What happens in the winter?
Gartenart | What happens in the winter?


What happens in the winter?

One advantage of a swimming pond over a conventional pool is that a pond looks beautiful all year round. The water is not emptied and in fact the more mature and established the water is in a swimming pond, the more stable it becomes.  Constantly alive and evolving, our ponds change with the seasons, maturing over the years and allowing the plants to grow into their habitat.

Our filter systems have a "summer" and a "winter" switch - over winter the pump is off nearly all the time as the pond lies largely dormant, ready for the increase in temperatures in the spring.

In the autumn we cut back the plants to about 4-6 inches high.  This ensures organic matter doesn't fall back into the pond and decompose, so the nutrient level in the water stays low throughout the winter, ready for the spring.

Please also see more photos of swimming ponds in winter here.



"I love it at all times of day and night and in all seasons, not just when it's boiling hot sun and you go in and out all day... when it's ice cold and frosty it just looks mystical."

Surbala Morgan Cambs

"Even in the winter you look at it and your eye is completely drawn to it."

Mary Norris Hampshire

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