Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

How much does a natural swimming pond or pool cost?

Costs can obviously vary and are dependent on size and other factors such as the number of features.

Natural designs are the easiest to estimate, because although the shape of each pond is unique the basic features tend to be similar. As long as you have stable soil (e.g. clay, chalk), and a small number of features (e.g. a wooden ladder and small decking, or steps and a jumping rock), total project costs, including design and construction, would be approximately as follows:

Size Price (inc. VAT)
Up to 100sqm (e.g. swimming area 10m x 5m) Approx £90,000
Up to 150sqm (e.g. swimming area 12m x 6m) Up to £120,000
Up to 200sqm (e.g. swimming area 15m x 7m) Up to £140,000
Up to 300sqm (e.g swimming area 19m x 8m) Up to £160,000
Up to 500sqm (e.g swimming area 30m x 12m) Up to £200,000
Over 500sqm £200,000 +

Please note these are ball-park costs for natural designs and if you want to get a more accurate estimate, particularly if the design is more formal or has special features, you would need to undertake an initial design consultation.

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