Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

How much does a natural swimming pond or pool cost?

Costs can obviously vary and are dependent on size and other factors such as the number of features.

Natural designs are the easiest to estimate, because although the shape of each pond is unique the basic features tend to be similar.  As long as you have stable soil (e.g. clay, chalk), and simple features (e.g. all costs below include a stone step entry, timber jetty, and jumping rock with stepping stones), total project costs, including design and construction, will be approximately as in the table below.

Please bear in mind that the planting/filtration zone around the central swimming area needs to be 2m in width, so if you have a total length of 20m, say, your swimming length will be 16m.  And a total width of 10m would give a swimming width of 6m.  

Also a rule of thumb which may be useful is that you can approximately work out the total pond area by calculating total length x total width x 85%.  So a pond with dimensions 20m x 10m would have an approximate area of 20 x 10 x 0.85 = 170 sqm. 

Size Price (inc. VAT)
Up to 100sqm (e.g. total area 12m x 8m, swimming area 8m x 4m) Approx £140,000
Approx 125sqm (e.g. total area 16m x 9m, swimming area 12m x 5m) Approx £160,000
Approx 150sqm (e.g. total area 19m x 9m, swimming area 15m x 5m) Approx £175,000
Approx 175sqm (e.g. total area 20m x 10m, swimming area 16m x 6m) Approx £190,000
Approx 200sqm (e.g. total area 22m x 11m, swimming area 18m x 7m) Approx £210,000
Approx 300sqm (e.g. total area 29m x 12m, swimming area 25m x 8m) Approx £265,000
Approx 400sqm (e.g. total area 34m x 14m, swimming area 30m x 10m) Approx £330,000
Approx 500sqm (e.g. total area 39m x 15m, swimming area 35m x 11m) Approx £400,000

Updated November 2023.  The above costs are accurate for projects in the Home Counties, and all include a stone step entry, timber jetty, and jumping rock with a set of stepping stones.  For projects in other locations costs are likely to be higher.  The costs above also do not include: electrical connection to mains (either we can do this, or a local electrician can), spoil removal (if necessary), lights, heating, decking, summer house, or additional decorative water features.  

The above costs are a good estimate, however if you would like a more accurate cost for your specific situation please call us - for natural designs and simple formal designs we can fairly quickly give you an indicative design, and a quote relating to that design.  This will include some listed assumptions and these, as well as the design of course, will need to be confirmed during a site visit.  For more details about this process please see here.  

For formal designs (for example this natural pool) the costs are usually about 50% higher than natural designs for the same swimming area.  This is because of the addition of the blockwork wall, coping over the wall, and a more labour-intensive liner application process.

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