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Gartenart | How much maintenance is needed?
Gartenart | How much maintenance is needed?

How much maintenance is needed?

A swimming pond needs much less maintenance than a conventional pool, as there are no chemicals to add and manage and the water does not need to be drained for cleaning and repairs

Nature itself carries out most of the cleaning service, but it is still a living and growing part of the garden and it needs looking after in a similar way.  The key to managing time spent on maintenance is ensuring the pond receives a small amount of regular attention. This amounts to emptying the skimmer and ensuring that any leaves which may have blown in do not build up in large quantities. 

Removing leaves (and discouraging ducks from visiting the pond) helps to keep the water's nutrient levels low.  On this basis (i.e. no extreme nutrients enter the pond) we can guarantee the water to be completely clear all the time.

Many people like to spend time looking after their pond themselves. However we also have a dedicated maintenance team and offer a maintenance service which can be as often or infrequent as you need.  We generally recommend that our maintenance team visits at least once a year to check on the pond's development and its equipment.



"I liked the fact that this water didn't have chemicals, which aren't good for you, and there isn't so much maintenance.  At least the maintenance is gardening."

Rowena Moore, East Sussex

"It's not maintenance free.  I would never swap it though.  It's like having a great big flower bed in your garden.  I like the time spent on it though - I have a very personal relationship with it."

Mary Norris, Hampshire



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