Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

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Gartenart | Design
Gartenart | Design

Design Stage

The Design and Technical Specifications stage ("Design stage") involves the production of an AutoCAD design, full specifications and confirmation of project costs, which all form the basis for the Construction stage.  (Please note that project costs usually do not change at all - particularly for natural designs - or change very little, from the Design Consultation stage.)

First we will produce a concept AutoCAD design (example left, top) and discuss this with you until you confirm you are happy to proceed.

We then produce all the detailed design documentation and specifications (examples left, middle and bottom) which will be used by the construction team in building your swimming pond to our specific requirements.

A standard detailed design package includes the following drawings:

  • Overall plan (e.g. in slideshow above)
  • Setting out 
  • Excavation & profiles (e.g. in slideshow above)
  • Dividing structure
  • Pond edge and drainage
  • Liner 
  • Filtration system
  • Planting plan (e.g. in slideshow above)
  • Access points e.g. steps, ladder, jumping rock
  • Other features as required e.g. waterfall, decking, lights

We can explain more about the Design and Construction stages during the Design Consultation.


"Gartenart seem very organised, they have got their process well sorted out.  It was all very clear, we were impressed with that they proposed and we were very impressed with how they carried it out.  Frank did the design and he was very good, and Chris and Ashley building it were very good."

Sue Harradine West Sussex

"The quality of the design was very good - Gartenart provided a lot of detailed drawings early on which gave us a lot of confidence.  This was clearly a system that worked well."

Toby Burton Oxfordshire

"I wanted something structured and formal, and my wife was for a more natural design that would blend in with the plants and landscape.  Gartenart helped us create something that incorporated both points of view."

Sean Moore East Sussex



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