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Gartenart | Design Consultation
Gartenart | Design Consultation
Gartenart | Design Consultation

How We Work - Overview

We are specialists in natural swimming ponds and offer a one-stop shop for the entire process from initial consultation with you, through production of the design and technical specification, to the construction and final completion of the pond. We also offer an optional aftercare and maintenance service.

We also offer a part-build service - we still carry out the design and some of the core elements of the construction (in particular the filtration system), but you or local contractors can carry out other construction components, such as excavation.

Whether we do all the construction work or just part of it, we always follow this four step process:

1. Design Consultation
2. Design and Technical Specifications
3. Construction
4. Maintenance (optional)

Design Consultation

The Design Consultation stage is essentially an information-gathering exercise on both sides, and since the pandemic we have been carrying this out in two stages.

The first stage is to talk to you on a phone or video call.  Before arranging a site visit we generally we need a 30-60 minute conversation with you so we can:

a) Answer any general questions you may have.
b) Look at your property on Google Maps satellite view and discuss the specifics of your site and available space.  If you can send us photos and plans of your site that can sometimes be useful, but it is not always needed at this stage.
c) Ask you specific questions about what sort of swimming pond you would like (eg size, features), so we can provide you with an indicative design and give you a quote on the call for that design. 

We will then email you the indicative design and the quote relating to that design.  This will include some assumptions and these, as well as the design of course, will need to be confirmed during a site visit.

You can already get a good sense of costs for natural designs here.

The second stage is the site visit itself.  Clearly it is important we meet each other face-to-face, and that we understand more about the character and requirements of the site, and what you are looking to do.   

After the visit we will send you a Design Consultation Report with a final proposed design and quotation, which may or may not be very different from the initial proposal in the first stage. This report provides the basis for proceeding with the design stage.

On-site design consultation fees are as follows:

  • All on-site design consultations within 25 miles of the M25 are free
  • 25-50 miles from the M25 are £240 incl VAT
  • 50-100 miles from the M25 are £480 incl VAT
  • More than 100 miles from the M25 are £720 incl VAT + travel expenses.


"I was very, very pleased with how the construction process went.  Usually when you have someone in the house for work, even minor things, there are problems.  But with the swimming pond nothing went wrong from beginning to end, everything was done neatly, and they finished ahead of schedule.  Ohad and Chris were respectful, friendly and professional at all time, and it was completely different to having workmen around, it was like having people who are almost friends.  We actually missed them once they were gone, which says a lot."

Surbala Morgan Cambridgeshire

"The boys were great, they were really, really good, I cannot fault them.  They left the place as if they had never been.  Many, many thanks.  You have employed good people."

Mary Norris Hampshire

"Gartenart were enthusiastic about working with what we'd got.  I already had a plan in my head and they listened and came up with the designs - and it was as it they could see exactly what I wanted."

Patricia Birch Essex

"Gartenart were very good.  Beforehand I was a bit concerned that we would have to semi project manage and it would be a real disruption and there would be mud all over the driveway.  But it wasn't anything like that, we didn't really need to be involved, and they went out of their way to ensure there was no inconvenience."

Nigel Keene Hampshire



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