Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

Swimming pond in East Sussex
Swimming pond in East Sussex
Swimming pond in East Sussex
Swimming pond in East Sussex
Swimming pond in East Sussex

Neale and Denise Pybus, East Sussex

Neale and Denise Pybus live in the South Downs National Park, and initially found out about swimming ponds when they saw an advert for Gartenart in the English Garden magazine.

“We toyed a lot with the idea of having a swimming pond,” says Neale, “and then when we retired and sold the business decided to do something about it. 

“We knew all about swimming pools, and owned a pool in a courtyard in our last house, but all through the winter we sat and looked at a blue cover.  I think we looked at other swimming pond companies but thought you were the prime mover."

“The construction process was brilliant – Gareth is a star.  He imagines what you talk to him about and he gets it - very, very conscientious fellow.  He ended up landscaping pretty much everything. 

“It was absolutely brilliant what he did, he’s a really good man."

“The investment we made here – we often say it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. 

“We really love it, even if you’re not swimming you love it. 

“It’s the beauty - if you look at our gardens and see what Denise has done here... it fits with that."

“From about now [mid June] I swim every day, when it gets to a consistent 18C.  Now through to the rest of the summer I swim every day.

“I swim with my friends quite a lot – I was in with Ted yesterday, he came over for a barbeque.

"You've got a great product, you really have.”

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