Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

Gartenart | Portfolio | Swimming pond, East Sussex
Gartenart | Portfolio | Swimming pond, East Sussex
Gartenart | Portfolio | Swimming pond, East Sussex
Gartenart | Portfolio | Swimming pond, East Sussex

Swimming pond in East Sussex

The clients wanted somewhere to swim, and had thought about getting a swimming pool.  However they weren't so keen on conventional pools because of the aesthetics and also the maintenance needed...

"We wanted somewhere to swim, for the kids mainly, The benefits of a swimming pond rather than a pool are that it looks nice - but it was primarily because of the swimming rather than the look that we went for this.

"I think we may have seen Tim at Chelsea. The pictures on the website looked very impressive and looked like the sort of thing we wanted.

"Tim came out and we talked through a couple of ideas, one location closer to the house, but we went for a more natural location away from the house."

"The installation was incredibly quick. Chris and Gareth were here only a few weeks and it looks beautifully landscaped.

"The service is always quite personal, maybe because it's not a huge company. You do always tend to get Tim coming back to you.

"Post installation, a person from Gartenart came to see if everything was fine. I found him very attentive. We also use Gartenart for maintenance once a month and that works well."

"Do we call it a pool or a pond?! We call it the pond, also wildlife pond.

"My family absolutely loves it. We have a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old and they're in the pond all the time during summer.

"It's not wild swimming - it's actually a very controlled environment to swim in."

"My friends love it too. I think most of our friends would get something like this pond rather than a blue chlorine pool.

"There's no chlorine - it looks natural and it feels wonderful to swim in.

"The best thing is when you look out from here in the middle of winter and it still looks lovely. It does look beautiful all the time."

"There's an option to heat it but I don't think we will - the temperature is about 26, 27 degrees in the summer.

"We do spend a lot of time here, I'm sure we'll organise pool parties. In the summer it's just lovely."

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