Gartenart garden swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

Swimming pond in Kent
Swimming pond in Kent
Swimming pond in Kent

Hugo and Fran Warner, Kent

When Hugo and Fran Warner and their two children moved to their property in Romney Marsh they knew they wanted somewhere to swim.  "I didn't actually know swimming ponds existed at all," says Hugo...

“When we bought the house we were originally thinking about some kind of Californian style swimming pool, but that just didn’t fit in with the house and grounds, and what we imagined it could all look like.

“I grew up swimming in the upper Thames, and was thinking about how much more natural that was, so I started googling and discovered Gartenart.”

The water table on Romney Marsh is high - in this location at 1.5m depth. Our swimming ponds are usually 2.4m deep at the deep end, so our solution was to raise the pond 50cm and have a maximum depth of 2m. Along with a robust underliner drainage system, this worked well.

The result has been spectacular. “We think it’s the best thing we’ve done at the house here, it’s just changed life for us.” says Fran. “We’re always using it, we use it every single day without fail.”

“It’s beautiful to swim in fresh water – you come out feeling really clean, no chlorine, no dry skin. It just feels so good.

“Also the change in the environment has been incredible, with the wildlife and various insects - beautiful dragonflies, butterflies, they all come here. So it’s really added to the garden in such a big way. We love it.”

Hugo agrees: “I think it’s more than just the swimming, it’s such a beautiful thing to have and every season it looks a little bit different. You see all the plants coming up and some flower at different times. Visually it’s very impactful.

"I always say to everyone it’s the best thing we’ve done.”

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