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Gartenart | Portfolio | Wendy Bathurst, Hertfordshire
Gartenart | Portfolio | Wendy Bathurst, Hertfordshire
Gartenart | Portfolio | Wendy Bathurst, Hertfordshire
Gartenart | Portfolio | Wendy Bathurst, Hertfordshire

Wendy Bathurst, Hertfordshire

Wendy Bathurst lives near Kings Langley in Hertfordshire. She already had a small wildlife pond in her garden. When she heard about swimming ponds she wondered if she might be able to swim in it…

“I don’t like chemicals. I have swum in rivers often enough before and never worried about the quality of the water. I first heard about swimming ponds at Hampton Court Flower Show and then Gartenart was in one of the weekend supplements. I so loved the picture I went online to find out more.

"We looked round the garden together and I give Gartenart huge credit for seeing the potential. They suggested building a new pond behind the existing one, using the natural lie of the land, and adding a rock bank so that the water cascades from one to the other.”

“I thought their boys did an excellent job. I felt immediately that they understood where we were coming from and saw exactly what was needed and how the site could be transformed, right down to small details. Their team was so polite and nice, so helpful, always going the extra mile.

"It is my absolute pride and joy. I can see it from my bedroom window and I find I can’t stop looking at it. I have a swimming place and a garden feature without any of the drawbacks of a pool – no ugly covers or concrete."

"I go down there every day; it’s so beautiful just to listen to the buzz, the birdsong and the trickling of the water.

"Sometimes I swim; sometimes I just come and sit. It is so much more than a pool area could be – a place for wildlife and beautiful insects, like Emperor dragonflies; a place to work and just think about things.

"Swimming in it is a magical experience. The depth is just right: I can stand with my head just out of the water and watch nature at work. The water is beautiful and feels – how to describe it? – silky.”

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