About Us

"Would I recommend Gartenart? Absolutely and without hesitation."

-- Susie Warwick, Greece

"I think Gartenart are good guys, they've been very straight up. I've had a lot of stuff done, and this has been the best company-client relationship I've had. They've stuck to the contract, no funny business, it's good."

-- Chris Graham, Bucks







Company Profile

Gartenart Swimming Ponds offer a range of specialist services in the design, construction and maintenance of swimming ponds. We provide a one-stop-shop from conception to completion, through to aftercare, and have built over 100 swimming ponds since 2004. We build ponds all over the UK as well as internationally.

Our speciality is the combination of three essential areas - design, construction and technology. All our design and construction work is carried out in-house by highly-skilled and long-standing teams. On the technology side we work closely with the leading international experts in natural water purification (see Polyplan) to ensure that our technical expertise in producing clean, clear water is second to none.

In addition to designing and building original swimming ponds, we also carry out swimming pool conversions, as well as restoring and converting existing ponds and lakes.

We recently co-founded BANSP (British Association for Natural Swimming Pools, www.bansp.org) in order to provide a forum and a set of standards for the growing UK swimming pond industry. As part of BANSP we are also members of the IOB (International Organisation for Swimming Ponds, www.iob-ev.eu) and in close contact with the key players in the international swimming pond community. 

We are also members of the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers, www.landscaper.org.uk), and part of the Trustmark scheme (www.trustmark.org.uk).

At Gartenart we are pro-nature and pro-technology at the same time, and continually look for new ways to improve our design, technology, processes and services further still.  We believe that this new and evolving understanding of natural water technology will lead to natural swimming ponds being the swimming pools of the 21st century.