Become a partner

At Gartenart UK we currently build swimming ponds in the UK and the rest of Europe.  We have also recently formed the sister company Gartenart USA.

We also get a lot of enquiries from other regions worldwide, and to be able to deal with these enquiries effectively we need trained construction partners in those regions. The Polyplan Network will enable us to do this.

If you are a business (or wanting to start a business) operating outside the UK and are interested in building successful, cost-effective and beautiful natural swimming pools in your own region, we invite you to join us.

If you are a customer interested in building a swimming pond in the UK or abroad, please refer to the rest of this website.

Become a partner of the Polyplan Network (for businesses worldwide)

The Polyplan Network, founded by Gartenart and Polyplan in 2011, is an international network of companies specialising in the design and construction of natural swimming pools.

There are currently members in the UK, USA, Germany, and Italy building both private and public natural pools using the technical systems developed by Polyplan GmbH over the last two decades.  

Advantages of joining the Polyplan Network:

- All the support necessary for you to build swimming ponds in your own country or region
- Access to the most advanced knowledge and technology in the swimming pond industry
- Ongoing education and development
- No upfront costs, fees on a per pond basis
- Support and plans available in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish

What we provide for you for each project:

- Detailed construction drawings for you to work from
- Specialist filtration components and materials (eg pump shaft, skimmer, control box)
- All support necessary (remote or on site as required) during and after the project.

How each project works (private projects):

- Customers in your country come either from your marketing or through existing network members (eg Gartenart)
- You visit the customer to discuss initial design ideas, and/or Gartenart discuss with the customer over the phone or Skype
- The design and detailed construction drawings are produced for you from our London office (Gartenart)
- The necessary filtration components are sent to you from our Bremen office (Polycon)
- You carry out all the construction work

Who is in the Polyplan Network: 

- Gartenart Swimming Ponds (UK) have designed and built over 70 residential swimming ponds.  Gartenart generally provide the "front office" service for the Polyplan Network, communicating with the customer when required and producing all design and technical specifications for Polyplan Network residential swimming ponds.

- Gartenart USA is a sister company to Gartenart UK, providing the same service in North America

- Polyplan GmbH (Germany) have been designing large-scale swimming ponds since 1989 and lead the international natural swimming pool community in the development and application of new technology for both residential and large public natural swimming pools. Polyplan provide the "back office" for the Polyplan Network, providing all technical support and expertise where required. 

- Polycon GmbH (Germany) specialise in the construction and development of technical components for both residential and public natural swimming pools.  Polycon provide the specialist technical components for all Polyplan Network projects (outside the UK).

- Gr√ľnKultur offer a range of services in the design, construction and maintenance of swimming ponds in Italy