About Us

"Gartenart were extremely professional and I knew at every stage exactly what was going on, If I had a question Jose explained everything in layman's terms. I was expecting a lot more mess and, frankly, more delays, but it was slick, quick and clean"

-- Sacha Cole, Herts, pond built 2009

"Jose’s fantastic, he really knows what he’s doing. I’ve got nothing but praise for the fact they worked through that very hard winter and delivered it on time."

-- Oliver Morgan, Suffolk, pond built 2010

Jose Lopez

Head of construction and maintenance, Jose directs all our on-site activities on the ground.

He has over 20 years' experience and a wealth of knowledge in hard and soft landscaping in the USA and the UK.  Jose joined us in 2007, became a foreman in 2008, and in that time has built nearly 100 swimming ponds.