How much does it cost?

Costs can obviously vary and are dependent on size and other factors such as the number of features.

Natural designs are the easiest to estimate, because although the shape of each pond is unique the basic features tend to be similar. As long as you have stable soil (e.g. clay, chalk), and a small number of features (e.g. a wooden ladder and small decking, or steps and a jumping rock), total project costs, including design and construction, would be approximately as follows:

Size Price inc VAT
Up to 100sqm (e.g. swimming area 10m x 5m) up to £80,000
Up to 150sqm (e.g swimming area 12m x 6m) up to £100,000
Up to 200sqm (e.g. swimming area 15m x 7m) up to £120,000
> 200sqm > £120,000

Please note these are ball-park costs for natural designs and if you want to get a more accurate estimate, particularly if the design is more formal or has special features, you would need to undertake an initial design consultation.

"Budget was not an issue, Gartenart kept to it and were on time too."

-- John Talbot, Cambridge

We used local builders for some of the work but looking back, I should have done everything with Gartenart. Everything that fell within their remit was perfect. They kept to their costings and everything arrived on time."

-- Susie Warwick, Greece

A swimming pond is more expensive than having a traditional pool, but you’re paying for something that looks so much better. The view around us is beautiful – all you can see is fields and nature and we wanted something that would fit in. We have lovely water lilies and yellow irises, and there are newts and dragonflies. It’s idyllic."

-- Sacha Cole, Herts