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Design Consultation

"I wanted something structured and formal, and my wife was for a more natural design that would blend in with the plants and landscape.  Gartenart helped us create something that incorporated both points of view."

-- Sean Moore, East Sussex

The Design Consultation stage is essentially an information-gathering exercise on both sides.

We need to find out about what you are looking to do, and we need to understand the character and requirement of the site - the proposed location in relation to other features, as well as specific local conditions such as the ground conditions, levels, access, climate etc.

You also need to find out about us, to see us face to face (usually) and hear what we have to offer. We will take you through a laptop presentation explaining how we work and showing examples of our previous work, and we can discuss together what may be suitable for you and your site.

If it is practical we always prefer to carry out the design consultation on site. However for projects outside the UK, or a long way from London - or if you are not yet sufficiently convinced you want to call us out - we can often cover a lot of ground remotely. Talking over the phone with photos and plans emailed through is generally fine, or if you ever pass through London you are more than welcome to meet us in our design office in Islington.

After the visit or call we will send you a Design Consultation Report with a proposed design and a detailed estimate of the costs and options involved with your project. This report provides the basis for proceeding with the design stage.

On-site design consultation fees are as follows:

  • All on-site design consultations within 25 miles of the M25 are free
  • 25-50 miles from the M25 are £240 incl VAT
  • 50-100 miles from the M25 are £480 incl VAT
  • More than 100 miles from the M25 are £720 incl VAT + travel expenses.

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