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"It was done neat, tidily and on time. I really liked the people Gartenart put on the job too - knowledgable and helpful."

-- Stephen Margolis, London




The Construction stage will take 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on the size and complexity.

Our construction team always consists of at least 2-4 core Gartenart employees who will have built dozens of similar swimming ponds.  They will work on every aspect of the construction to ensure the end result is achieved as planned.  For "full construction" projects we do not use sub-contractors or local labour except under very close supervision from the core Gartenart construction team.  

For "part-build" projects, i.e. if you or local contractors are carrying out some of the construction work, we have a detailed work plan which we suggest the local team follows closely. We also want to be kept informed with regular photos of the site to ensure that everything is progressing as planned, and we can regularly visit the site as required.

For a medium-sized "natural design" project the construction timeline is approximately as follows: 

  • Weeks 1-2: Excavation
  • Week 3: Edging, drainage and liner
  • Week 4: Filtration system 
  • Week 5: Other features (e.g. decking, steps, ladder, jumping rock etc)
  • Week 6: Filling, planting and commissioning

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