• Design consultation
  • Design and Technical Specifications
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

How we work

"Gartenart were extremely professional and I knew at every stage exactly what was going on. If I had a question Jose explained everything in in layman's terms. I was expecting a lot more mess and, frankly, more delays, but it was slick, quick and clean"

-- Sacha Cole, Herts

"I was so impressed with the entire process from beginning to end. It was clear that your pool designs matched my imagined creation and the entire construction went smoothly and without a single mistake. Ohad and Chris were respectful, friendly and professional at all times and we actually miss having them here on site, now they've finished - ahead of schedule!"

-- Surbala Morgan, Cambs

We are specialists in natural swimming ponds and offer a one-stop shop for the entire process from initial consultation with you, through production of the design and technical specification, to the construction and final completion of the pond. We also offer an optional aftercare and maintenance service.

We also offer a part-build service - we still carry out the design and some of the core elements of the construction (in particular the filtration system), but you or local contractors can carry out other construction components, such as excavation.

Whether we do all the construction work or just part of it, we always follow this four step process:

1. Design Consultation > (on-site or remote)
2. Design and Technical Specifications >
3. Construction >
4. Maintenance > (optional service)